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Shopaholics beware!  You’re going to check boxes off your shopping list you didn’t know you had! In the quaint villages, towns and communities along Lake Huron’s shoreline, shopping becomes a pleasure again. Escape the mundane and repetition of big-box stores and malls. Shop the unique at family-owned stores for a refreshing shopping experience that will excite your soul and delight the senses. Visualize mature trees that umbrella historic buildings and provide shaded pedestrian-friendly walks. Proud shop owners that take time to share their creative talents and one-of-a-kind merchandise. Stores filled with truly unique items. You can own pieces of history, handcrafted treasures, conversation starters, and the works of many local artisans and artists. Here’s a curated selection of the area’s offerings. READ MORE

Fashion, Accessories & Home Decor

See local listings of retailers offering fashion, accessories, home & garden décor, grocery and convenience stores.
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Farmers, Antique & Flea Markets

See listings for local farmers' markets and farm-gate locations
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Professional Services

See business listings for automotive & marine, construction / HVAC, banking, legal, taxi services and similar.
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Health & Wellness

See listings for for primary health care, dental, optometry, medical centres and pharmacies.
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Hair & Aesthetic Services

See business listings for hair salons, personal aesthetic services (eyebrows, eyelashes), spa and tattooing services.
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