Covid-19 Notes

Covid-19 Notes

  • Lambton Shores beaches are open: the Main Beach in Grand Bend and Ipperwash Beach. See additional notes below on Grand Bend’s Main Beach.
  • Port Blake Day Park Beach is Closed! This is the beach at the north end of Grand Bend beside the water plant. It is owned/operated by the Municipality of South Huron. As well, the OPP have closed the Waterworks Road to prevent people from accessing the beach and they are handing out tickets for those who chose to ignore the signage.
  • Pinery Provincial Park is open for overnight camping and activities. Their day beaches are open and they are monitoring capacity. Click here to check before you go! Note – they have no bike, paddle-boat or kayak/canoe rentals this summer due to Covid-19.
  • Stores are open, please have masks and hand sanitizer handy and abide by retailer restrictions.
  • Restaurants are open with many providing patio dining. (see
  • Short term accommodation rentals are open. 
  • Private seasonal campgrounds are open, however most are open only to their own seasonal campers and not to transient campers. Be sure to call ahead!
  • Golf courses are open.
  • Marinas are open; call ahead and confirm. (Port Franks public marina is closed this summer due to high water.)


  • The beach is open 6am to 11pm. The washrooms are open 8am to 8pm and closed 3 times daily for cleaning. The Splash Pad is open. The playground is closed. The concession stand is closed. Please do not rinse off your feet in the washroom sinks!
  • For swimming safety, tents or canopies or gazebos of any description are NOT allowed on the beach, as they block the view of the lifeguards. Please use umbrellas with a centre pole height of no more than 7 feet 6 inches and circular shade no more than 9 feet in diameter. Umbrellas are to be placed back of the lifeguard stands (think of an imaginary line running along the beach and if using an umbrella setup behind that line) so as not to block the lifeguard’s view of the water’s edge and beyond.
  • There is absolutely NO barbequing or cooking allowed on the beach or even near the beach, that includes the parking lots. There is NO WHERE to BBQ in Grand Bend. Since Port Blake Day Park is closed, the ONLY place to BBQ is in Pinery Provincial Park.
  • Sports equipment and games on the beach are not allowed at this time, due to the risk of close contact with others. This includes Frisbees and balls. No multi-person flotation devices allowed.
  • Social distance in groups of 10 people (imagine 2 metre diameter circle around your spot on the beach).
  • As in previous years, there is no alcohol, no smoking, no vaping, no glass, no fires, no littering and no dogs allowed on the Beach. From May 1 to September 30, you may walk your leashed dog on the beach between 6am to 8am and again between 8pm to 11pm. As well, there’s no jumping or diving from the pier – this is dangerous, as there’s an under tow by the pier that could pull and keep you under the water.
  • Bylaw Officers can be reached at 519-243-1400 ext. 4.
  • Beach staff are available to answer your questions. Look for their bright yellow t-shirts.

The Ontario government extended emergency orders until July 29, 2020. For more information visit the Ontario Government Website. Handy FAQs answered by Lambton Public Health.

The Canadian / USA border remains closed until September 21 (note – this legislation only allows for closure 30-days at a time and could likely be extended again).

Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Kind.