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We Make You Memorable! We are a promotional marketing company that focuses on the proper use and implementation of promotional products. We do this by using effective, useful promotional products that will keep your name in front of your prospects and clients at the time when they would be in most dire of your products or services.  When your clients see our products, they will remember you!

There are key benefits that promotional products have over every other forms of advertising.  These include:

Targeted Marketing – there is little to no waste, in product or marketing dollar, when implemented properly.

Long Term Exposure – some products featuring your message or logo have the potential to last for years in front of your targeted recipient. Fridge magnets have been known to last for literally decades. Can the same be said for a newspaper ad?

Direct Message Tie In – when the message becomes part of the product, it creates a longer lasting memory hook for the recipient. For example, if you use a deck of playing cards with your logo you can say to the recipient “This deck of cards represents that you will never get lost in the shuffle with us. The Ace up our sleeve is the service we provide to our customers, which makes dealing with us a smart bet.”

That creates a much more memorable experience than just saying “Here’s a deck of cards with our name on it.”

Endorsement by the Recipient – when a recipient uses something with your logo, they are endorsing your company and saying “I like these guys”. Think about it… would you wear a t-shirt that has the logo of an organization or product you don’t like? Sports teams are an excellent example of this.  You won’t see a Montreal Canadiens fan wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs cap, or vice versa… not willingly anyway.

Goodwill – in most cases, the recipient will thank you for your gift.  Consider this, have any of your clients ever personally said “thank you” for advertising in a newspaper or on radio?  Pay attention to this the next time you give someone your new logo’d cap.

Trackable Results – either on their own, or in conjunction with other media, you can effectively track the success of each promotion to determine if it’s worth repeating. We would be happy to show you how to do this!

Low Cost per Impression – What does it really cost to get your message in front of your customers? A coffee mug with your logo, sitting on someone’s desk, is seen on average, 5 to 10 times a day by the recipient. In a 5 day work week, it is seen 25 times. In one month, 100 times. In one year, 1200 times. If that mug costs $5.00, then the cost to get your message in front of your customer is 4/10 of one cent. Where else can you advertise your message to your target market for less than ½ of a penny?

There are literally thousands of products that are available with your logo, in various price ranges. Before you spend hours looking at different ideas, give us a call and tell us about your project.

We will put together ideas you may not have considered, and show you why we think these ideas may work well for your program. The best part is there’s no charge to you, so it’s a great opportunity to find out what other options are out there.

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99 Erie Street South PO Box 1083 Clinton ON N0M 1L0 Canada