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Contact: Stan Franjkovic
Location 10100 Pinery Bluffs Rd Grand Bend ON NOM 1T0 CanadaPhone: 519-317-9931

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An active and healthy lifestyle is waiting for you in Pinery Bluffs, Grand Bend, Ontario. Set your sights on the natural beauty of the Pinery Bluffs, nestled inside 25 acres of mature oak savannah forest. Feel surrounded by nature, while close to the lively resort town of Grand Bend. Enjoy winery visits, theatre, shopping, golf, tennis, art, live music and fine dining, while being a part of a unique and diverse natural environment. You will enjoy a community that is vibrant and alive, full of culture and life, while sleeping under nature’s canopy.

Come home to the seclusion of nature, and enjoy the parade of wildlife from your own back yard. Pinery Bluffs is flanked by 6330 acres of parkland. It’s right outside your door; the Pinery Provincial Park, one of Ontario’s most coveted playgrounds, where you can bike, ski and hike, or just enjoy the ramblings of the forest. Take in the sunsets over the blue waters of Lake Huron all year round, and walk the pristine beaches for miles and miles. This is the location that you have only imagined, and it’s waiting for you. Take the plunge to the secluded community of the Pinery Bluffs. Nature is beckoning; heed the call, and embrace the active and healthy lifestyle that this unique community offers. You are invited to join us on a tour of this unique and diverse area.

Nicholson Builders Inc has been chosen several times over the years to build some of the Dream Homes you can win in the Dream Home Lottery. The 2013 Grand Bend Dream Lottery Home is located at Pinery Bluffs! Nicholson Builders Inc. proudly operating throughout Parkhill, Grand Bend, Zurich, Port Franks and surrounding areas.



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10100 Pinery Bluffs Rd Grand Bend ON NOM 1T0 Canada