Patrick Powers

Patrick Powers

The Lake Hound, 135 Ontario St. S., Grand Bend

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Patrick Powers
Patrick Powers

There was never really an Ah-Ha moment for Patrick Powers, owner and long-time chef of The Lake Hound, or even a conscious decision to become a chef. Patrick says he simply “had the good fortune of working with a diverse group of successful restaurateurs. As I developed my skills in the industry, it became apparent this was the life for me. The opportunity to experience new challenges, implement ideas and work with the motley assortment of loveable nuts that restaurants generally attract.”

“I think the greatest lesson I ever learned was to take pride in my team and my restaurant, and I learned that working for John Zizzo and Don Hughs in Waterloo back in the late 1980s.”

“Some excellent reasons to come to The Lake Hound have to be the burgers,” says Patrick, and he personally really enjoys the bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños.

As for a favourite dish, Patrick says he likes to create features like curried vegetables and rice these days.

Indispensable ingredients in Patrick’s kitchen include bacon, potatoes, curry and garlic. Tools always at hand include a French knife, grill and tongs.

When travelling, Patrick seeks out restaurants that make great Mexican or Korean meals. Although as a last meal, he affirms it would have to be a hamburger from the Harmony Lunch restaurant in Waterloo, which served up meals for 90 years.

If he is looking for a good recipe, Patrick says he can “always find it on Google”. His favourite celebrity chef is Anthony Bourdain, and his favourite cookbook is Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential.

While the Power’s much-loved Aunt Gussie’s Country Dining restaurant was retired four years ago to morph into an updated and brand refreshed restaurant for today’s diners, Patrick maintains, “The Lake Hound is still the kind of restaurant that meat-eaters and vegans will enjoy.”

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