Pat Church

Pat Church

Widder Station Golf, Grill & Tap House, 8395 Decker Rd., Thedford

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Executive Chef Pat Church
Executive Chef Pat Church

Executive Chef Pat Church has always had a passion for food. “When we create something from nothing to something extraordinary and people love our creation,” that passion “is explainable; it just is,” he says.

Pat apprenticed under the sixth-ranked chef in the world, Chef Dave Ryan, Captain of Team Canada’s National Culinary Team (Dave Ryan is the holder of an Olympic Culinary Grand Gold medal, the highest recognition in world national culinary competition).

“I wanted to be him, and he showed me the love of food and taught me everything I know,” says Pat.

When dining at Widder Station, Pat encourages “everyone to try the WonTon Nachos and Steak Bites.” His favourite meals to cook include any kind of seafood or beef.  Garlic, onions, cilantro, and fresh basil are essential ingredients in his kitchen, and top tools include knives, mixers and food processors.

When travelling, Pat seeks out farm-to-table restaurants. He laughing boasts his favourite cookbook is “the one I’m in! Only in Saskatchewan: Recipes and Stories from the Province’s Best-Loved Eateries.” Pat hails from Western Canada.

He says, “Widder is the Canadian Yellowstone! It reminds me of home in Alberta! I invite everyone to come here and taste what we’ve been creating,” at this Golf, Grill and Tap House in Thedford.

Under Pat’s culinary leadership, Widder Station restaurants (The Tap House and Widder Flats) “cook 100% from scratch. Our own cuts of meat, house-made sauces and more!”

Pat’s favourite celebrity chef is Chef Ramsey, “because he can pull anything out of you, and makes you love and appreciate your food.”

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