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Swisstrio Farms Inc.

Drop by our Egg Shed to purchase fresh-from-the-farm eggs.

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Farm-fresh foods and locally-produced specialties are plentiful throughout the area. This sampling is exactly that – just a taste of what you will discover.

Meats & Cheese

Photo: Metzger's Meats in Hensall
Photo: Metzger’s Meats in Hensall

Pork On Your Fork:  The Whole Pig (Dashwood) is a registered CQA (Certified Quality Auditors) family-farming operation whose pigs are fed on-farm ingredients. Their quality meats supply many local restaurants and are available direct to you from their farm retail store. Fans love The Whole Pig BBQ-Quarter package.

Talking Turkey: Third-generation Hayter’s Farm (Dashwood), 65-years of turkey passion, offers turkey kabobs, fillets, sausages, roasts, burgers and more at their retail store, as well as being a Beer Store and LCBO outlet.

Meat Magic: Buy locally-raised, in-store-made cold cuts and specialty meats from at Metzger’s Meat Products (Hensall) – a European style butcher store. Check out smoked pig ears and bones for your pooch. Williamson Farms Country Store (Forest) sells pork and beef from its own farms, maple syrup from their sugar bush and a selection of Ontario cheeses to customers.  Gift selection too.

Artisan Cheese: Blyth Farm Cheese (Blyth) handcrafts their cheese from farm-fresh goat’s and sheep’s milk. They emphasize purity of ingredients; celebrate diversity and accept some natural variation from season to season, from pasture to pasture, from cheese to cheese.

Fruits & Vegetables

Photo: Masse Fruit & Vegetables Fruit Pickers
Photo: Masse Fruit & Vegetables Fruit Pickers

Fruits & Vegetables: Visit family-run Bayfield Berry Farm to pick your own and buy in-season raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and saskatoons. Time your visit to enjoy a light meal or weekend Breakfast Buffet and then take home specialty preserves, berries and baked treats (low sugar and no sugar options).

Fourth-generation-owned Crunican Orchards (Elginfield) grows about a dozen apple varieties to suit every taste, and sells apple cider vinegar, apple cider and more.

Farm Fresh:  Masse Fruit & Vegetables (St. Joseph) grows everbearing strawberries and sells seasonal produce. Watch Facebook for their strawberry announcements!

Simply Sweet. Mennonite owned and operated Zehr’s Country Market (Bayfield) offers home-made pies, Chelsea buns and other treats, as well as Mennonite farm-raised meats and seasonal produce.  

Baked Goods

Photo of Khaos Artisan Kitchen Cake
Photo: Khaos Artisan Kitchen

How Sweet It Is!  Gregarious Cravings (Exeter) tantalizes taste buds with decadent treats to savour with your cuppa, while you browse their unique gifts and vintage items.

Bartliffs Bakery & Restaurant (Clinton) is a long-established favourite providing a wide variety of baked goods, rolls, pies, squares and other delicious delights.

Amazing Breads: Red Cat Farm & Bakery (Goderich) specializes in natural European-style breads, including wheat-free recipes.

Hand crafted breads and scratch-baked pastries, buns and other treats are created at Khaos Artisan Kitchen (Port Franks).

Coffee, Juice & Kombucha

Photo: Shopbike Coffee Roasters
Photo: Shopbike Coffee Roasters

Fair and So Fine. Shopbike Coffee Roasters sources organic and fair trade coffee  beans to roast and grind in small batches. Try fan favs Coffee Americano and Maple Latte.

Quality Coffee: Owners of Coastal Coffee Company travel to family-owned coffee growers in Nicaragua, Columbia, Rwanda and Brazil to source top specialty grade beans that are small-batch roasted. Coastal Coffee is proud of the long-standing partnerships with their growers that grow into friendships as well.

Juice & Smoothies. Meanwhile, Registered Holistic Nutritionists at Culture Shock Kombucha brew up phytonutrient, antioxident, probiotic infused kombucha beverages using local and organic, quality ingredients, including reverse osmosis water. Nutritious and delicious try Pear Ginger, Cranberry-Orange, Vintage and Strawberry Basil.